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The American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS) is a dynamic medical society with over 1,000 dermatologist, pathologist and Mohs technician members.  

Mohs surgery is a highly effective treatment for certain types of skin cancer.  It is an exacting procedure in which the dermatologist performs both surgical excision of the skin cancer and microscopic examination of the surgical margins to ensure that all skin cancer cells have been removed.
In Residency training, dermatologists are routinely exposed to a wide variety of dermatologic surgical procedures, as well as interpretation of skin histopathology and simple to complex reconstruction of surgical defects. This unique skill set, which they further demonstrate in the process of obtaining specialty Board certification, provides dermatologists with a solid foundation for the successful application of Mohs surgery in the treatment of skin cancer.
Safe, effective patient care is at the heart of each ASMS program and service. To this end, we have established high-quality continuing medical education activities with a focus on the latest advances in skin cancer treatment.  We also provide important member support in the areas of Mohs technician training, peer review for quality assurance/CLIA compliance,  patient educational resources, and advocacy on a variety of Mohs practice issues.  In addition, we promote open communication, professional cooperation, and high ethical standards throughout the overall dermatologic community. 

Important Patient Notification

No information contained on our website is intended to replace individual consultation with  a qualified medical professional.  Patients should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for any concerns relative to the health of their skin. If you do not have a dermatologist that you see on a regular basis, your primary care physician will be able to provide a referral.
To contact an ASMS member Mohs surgeon in your area, please click on our Surgeon Locator under Patient Resources.
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