Preceptorship Program
The ASMS Clinical Observational Preceptorship program was established to supplement the physician training provided in our Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery course. This progam affords dermatologists with limited Mohs experience the opportunity to observe a number of Mohs cases performed in several different preceptors' offices. ASMS preceptors have been selected on the basis of their Mohs experience and dedication to teaching the Mohs procedure to other physicians.
Participants will observe the entire Mohs process from surgical removal of the lesion through histopathologic interpretation of the corresponding slides and closure of the surgical defect. Time permitting, additional review and discussion of the preceptor's prior cases will be incorporated into this learning experience.
The Preceptorship program consists of three separate weeks of observation, to be completed over a two-year period. The Preceptorship program is available to current members who have previously attended the Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery course. Upon submission of the application form and fee, participants will contact individual preceptors to coordinate office visitation schedules.


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