Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Members

How does one become a “certified” Mohs surgeon?
There is no ASMS membership category that signifies Mohs certification, and currently there is no AMA-recognized Board certification specific to Mohs surgery. If you are Board-certified in dermatology by the ABD or the AOBD, you may apply for Affiliate or Fellow membership in the ASMS. Fellow candidates also must provide Mohs case documentation, demonstrate Mohs proficiency by presenting cases for review, furnish letters of character reference from other Board certified dermatologists, and pass an examination on various aspects of Mohs surgery prior to acceptance as a Fellow member.
Is participation in the ASMS Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery course a requirement for membership?
While our Fundamentals course represents an exceptional professional training opportunity, course attendance is not a requirement for membership. We do offer discounted member registration fees for both annual courses, and participants sometimes apply for ASMS membership in conjunction with course registration to take advantage of this special rate. Acceptance as a member, however, is not dependent on prior course attendance.  
When and where is the ASMS Fellow examination offered?
Candidates must have received ASMS approval for all other Fellow membership application materials prior to scheduling exam.  The Fellow exam is offered three (3) times per year:  during the Winter AAD, during the ASMS annual Clinical Symposium (May), and during the ASMS annual Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery course (November).  For planning purposes, each candidate must notify the ASMS executive office at least 30 days in advance of the desired exam date. 


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